Are you ready to give your vehicle the care it deserves? If so, have you considered the importance of regular oil servicing? Welcome to AN Tyres in Sittingbourne, we understand the crucial role that oil plays in keeping your engine running smoothly.

With our comprehensive Oil service Sittingbourne, our skilled technicians will ensure that your vehicle receives the attention it needs to maintain peak performance and reliability on the road. Schedule your oil service appointment with us today and experience the difference at AN Tyres.

Why An Oil Service Is Crucial

An Oil service in Sittingbourne is crucial for maintaining the health and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. Here’s why:

  • Lubrication: Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine, reducing friction and minimizing wear and tear. Regular oil changes ensure that the engine components remain properly lubricated, preventing excessive friction and potential damage.
  • Cooling: Oil helps dissipate heat generated by the engine’s internal combustion process. Over time, oil can become contaminated with dirt, debris, and engine by-products, reducing its ability to effectively cool the engine. Our Regular Oil service Sittingbourne removes these contaminants, allowing the oil to continue cooling the engine efficiently.
  • Cleaning: Oil acts as a cleaning agent, carrying away dirt, sludge, and other impurities from the engine. Without regular oil changes, these contaminants can accumulate and form deposits, leading to reduced engine performance and efficiency.
  • Seal Conditioning: Oil helps condition and maintain the seals and gaskets in the engine, preventing leaks and maintaining proper compression. Over time, old and degraded oil can cause seals to deteriorate, increasing the risk of oil leaks and engine damage.
  • Engine Performance: Fresh, clean oil helps maintain optimal engine performance, ensuring smooth operation, improved fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions. Our Regular Oil service Sittingbourne help keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently, prolonging its lifespan and preventing costly repairs.

Our High-Quality Oil Brands

At AN Tyres, our Oil service Sittingbourne understands the importance of using high-quality oil to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your vehicle’s engine. That’s why we offer a selection of top-tier oil brands known for their superior quality and performance. Here are some of the high-quality oil brands we trust and recommend:

Oil Brand Features
Castrol Renowned for its advanced synthetic formulations and superior engine protection, Castrol is a trusted name in the automotive industry.
Mobil 1 Mobil 1 synthetic oils are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and protection for modern engines, even under extreme conditions.
Shell Shell’s range of motor oils includes premium synthetic blends designed to provide excellent lubrication, engine cleanliness, and fuel efficiency.
Valvoline With a legacy of innovation and expertise, Valvoline offers a comprehensive lineup of high-performance synthetic and conventional motor oils.
Pennzoil Pennzoil’s advanced synthetic motor oils are formulated for superior engine protection, cleanliness, and fuel economy, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.
Total Total’s range of synthetic motor oils offers enhanced protection against engine wear, oxidation, and deposit buildup, promoting long engine life and smooth operation.

These high-quality oil brands are trusted by drivers and automotive professionals worldwide for their exceptional performance, reliability, and engine protection. When you choose AN Tyres for your Oil service Sittingbourne, you can rest assured that your vehicle will receive the best-quality oil to keep it running smoothly and efficiently for miles to come.

Our Services Include

At AN Tyres, our oil services are comprehensive and designed to ensure the optimal health and performance of your vehicle’s engine. Here’s what our oil services include:

  • Oil Change: our Oil service Sittingbourne performs a complete oil change, draining the old, contaminated oil and replacing it with fresh, high-quality oil that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications.
  • Oil Filter Replacement: Along with the oil change, we replace the oil filter to ensure that the new oil remains clean and free of contaminants, allowing for optimal engine lubrication and performance.
  • Fluid Inspection: Our skilled technicians inspect other vital fluids in your vehicle, such as coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid, to ensure they are at the correct levels and free of any contaminants or signs of degradation.
  • Visual Inspection: our Oil service Sittingbourne conducts a visual inspection of the engine bay and underside of the vehicle to check for any leaks, damage, or signs of wear that may require attention.
  • Lubrication: We lubricate key components of the vehicle’s chassis and suspension to reduce friction and wear, promoting smoother operation and extending the lifespan of these components.


By providing comprehensive services that go beyond just changing the oil, we ensure that your vehicle receives the care and attention it needs to perform at its best. Stop searching “Oil service Sittingbourne near me” and Trust AN Tyres for reliable and professional oil services that keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.