Full-Service Bearsted; Does a full service include an oil change?, Maintaining the suggested maintenance schedule for your car may be challenging for you if you’re unaware of the technical terms used in auto repairs. One of the most popular vehicle maintenance methods, for instance, is oil changes. However, did you know that specific motor oils are needed for different makes and models of vehicles to maintain engine health and preserve factory warranties?


A full-service bearsted oil change involves the replacement of your vehicle’s motor oil with the proper grade, which may be a conventional, synthetic, synthesized blend, or high-mileage oil. Additionally, your old oil and oil filter will be changed and recycled. Additionally, the interior and air filters in the car will be inspected and adjusted as necessary.

Your car will have a full oil change in addition to a courtesy inspection by the expert that includes the following:

Add-on fluids (like washer fluid, transmission, differential power steering, and engine coolant).

Verify the level of the brake fluid.

Tire pressure should be checked.

Examine each belt, hose, skid plate, and undercarriage component.

Examine the suspension and steering.

As needed, lubricate the chassis.

Examine your wiper blades.

Verify the car’s battery.

Look for any visible car damage.


You may get a full-service  bearsted oil change performed on your car at our cutting-edge Land Rover servicing facility. A group of highly skilled and qualified technicians can be found at our facilities.

They have performed oil changes on many kinds of cars for many years. They can therefore provide your vehicle with the correct maintenance it requires.

If any car component needs to be replaced, our crew will only use premium oil and original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) parts. These are the same components that were initially used to construct automobiles. The piece will, therefore, precisely fit into your car. Additionally, it’ll keep it running smoothly for many years and distanc