TYPES OF Car Servicing Downswood

The three main categories of car servicing downswood are interim, full, and major. When you visit other garages and dealerships, they could refer to their packages by a different name to put their unique spin on it. There are always three tiers in a tiered price structure, so don’t be confused by this.

Each package includes everything in the level plus a few extras you will need for your automobile at various points during ownership. The kind of service you require is determined by how many miles you travel annually and your previous service quality.


The entry-level package, commonly referred to as a “Basic” or “Bronze” service, is an interim automobile service.It is designed for high-mileage drivers who may require more than one year of service or those who travel 20,000 miles yearly.

An oil change, oil filter change, and a check of the car’s major parts, including the lights, tires, and windscreen wipers, are typically included in an intermediate automobile service.


It is typically advised to have a full service, commonly referred to as an “Intermediate” or “Silver” service, every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first. It’s perfect for drivers who only have their cars serviced once a year and travel lesser annual mileage.

In addition to the checks performed during an intermediate service, it also includes a wider range of replacement parts for the service.

If your car’s engine is damaged or worn out, you may need to have it replaced. Engine replacement services in Downswood can be costly, but they are necessary to extend the life of your car and improve its performance.


Every 24 months or 24,000 miles, a major service—also known as a “Master” or “Gold” service—is advised. Your car should get a major service soon if your most recent yearly maintenance were full service.

It is the complete car servicing downswood package on the market and contains every aspect of a full service. Additionally, components like the cabin filter and brake fluid that need to be replaced every two years are updated, along with potential Clutch Replacement if necessary.

Additional Services

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