Mot Work; What Happens If Your Car Fails Its Mot?, According to DVSA data, 37% of vehicles fail the MOT the first time around. If your vehicle fails the MOT, you will be given detailed feedback as to why it failed and what you can do to pass next time.

Below we’ll see what happens if your car has Mot fail results, and would you be able to drive again after failing at MOT? Let’s find out.

What if my Mot Work fails?

If your vehicle does not pass the MOT, you will be given a VT30 Refusal of a MOT Test Certificate. If your car did not pass its inspection, the certificate will specify why.

If your vehicle has a VT30, it isn’t roadworthy and needs repairs before you can take it out again. Whether you plan to take the test again or file an appeal, you’ll need the VT30 form.

If I don’t pass the MOT, can I still drive my car?

Driving without a current MOT is illegal. If your vehicle has Mot fail and the expiration date on your certificate has passed, you may drive it only if it is safe to do so, either to have it repaired or to a scheduled retest.

The risk of being fined or otherwise penalized for driving a vehicle that has failed its MOT is not worth the potential consequences. Furthermore, your insurance company might decide they won’t pay for anything. There is a page on our site specifically for information about driving without a MOT, if you’re interested.

Almost half of all MOT failures are preventable with some basic preventative maintenance, and given the rising cost of living, it’s important to take this step. Learn the most common reasons why a MOT fails and what you can do to prevent them.