Car Servicing Bearsted; Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car, It extends the lifespan of the vehicle

Most of the time, cars and vans have a difficult life, especially in Britain with our weather and roads. Wear and tear will occur if you travel a significant mileage yearly.

Manufacturers are too aware of this, so maintenance is necessary to change vital fluids, such as the oil and oil filter, and inspect the quality of other parts, such as the brakes.

Service contributes to safety

At an Evans Halshaw shop, we don’t just replace the necessary fluids and consumables when we car servicing bearsted. A vehicle health check is also finished by one of our technicians.

While it’s important to change any fluids, it’s equally important to ensure that none of the other parts of your automobile are malfunctioning. Here is a quick list of the things our technicians look for during a service:

It keeps your car’s warranty in place

Maintaining your automobile at the recommended intervals helps ensure that your manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, whether you purchased a new or used car.

You are not required to get your automobile serviced by the manufacturer or dealer from which you purchased it, which is crucial information. You can choose any authorized garage to service your car in Bearsted, as long as they follow the manufacturer’s Full Service plan and use certified parts..

When you have your car serviced at one of our dealers, you won’t have to worry about overspending because we’ll match any written quote from a rival for an identical service under the Evans Halshaw Price Promise.

It increases the worth of the car

You’ll want a vehicle that has been well-maintained for its entire lifespan when purchasing.The service history of a vehicle serves this purpose. It enables you to learn about the previous owners’ maintenance practices or those of other potential buyers.