Brake Pads And Discs Aylesford; HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO REPLACE BRAKE PADS?, Typically, parts cost $35 to $150.The average labor price per axle ranges from $80 to $120.The normal cost per axle for replacing brake pads is between $115 and $300. (materials plus labor).

The majority of cars have two axles. There may be additional axles on a larger vehicle with more wheels and passengers. Every manufacturer sets the price of its parts according to the materials used, and every technician charges a different hourly rate.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO REPLACE ALL 4 Brake Pads And Discs Aylesford ?

All four brake pads for all four wheels can be replaced for between $230 and $600, parts included.

These materials are available at a range of prices and quality levels. At Brakes To Go, only top-quality brake pads are utilized.

Cost of replacing the front brake pads

The front brakes of your car handle most of the braking, usually 70%. These brake pads and discs  regularly overheat and may screech, grunt, or grind. Comparable to replacing a rear brake pad, the cost of replacing a front brake pad averages between $115 and $300. These materials are available in a range of price points.

Rear brake pad replacement cost

Even though they only contribute 30–40% of the total braking, the car’s rear brakes help the vehicle stop.

Due to their lower size, the rear brake discs and pads will last longer than the front. You can anticipate that your front brake pads will soon wear out if your rear brake pads do. The normal cost of changing rear brake pads ranges from $115 to $300, about the same as replacing front brake pads. These materials are available in a range of price points.