MOT Service Bearsted; Why are a car service and MOT required?, Everybody who owns a vehicle above the age of three must check that it meets these regulations for being on the road once every 12 months. Consequently, an MOT is a yearly check of your car that is required. As a result, scheduling the MOT service bearsted at the same time as having your vehicle serviced makes sense. This way, you can be sure that everything about your car is safe and up to code, including that it is safe to drive and that the engine is operating smoothly.In addition to the obvious safety benefits of an MOT test inspection, the following things should be properly considered:

Driving without a current MOT Service Bearsted certificate is forbidden.

You can’t renew your road tax if you don’t have a current MOT certificate.If your car needs an MOT, the police and mobile camera units can check that it does. A £2500 fine and three penalty points will be assessed against you if you are found driving without a current certificate.

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Can service and an MOT be performed together?

MOTs and car servicing are two distinct services that can be scheduled concurrently. The key distinctions between an MOT and a complete service are that an MOT is legally mandated, and the exacting standards of the DVSA create the assessments.