MOT Fail Aylesford; Minor MOT issues, A “small” defect should be fixed immediately, even though it doesn’t threaten immediate safety. This is quite similar to the current system, which issues advisories to items that the driver should be aware of and which, if not remedied, may result in a future MOT failure. Even if a vehicle only has minor issues, an MOT Fail Aylesford certificate will still be given.

A minimum of two brake lights (or stop lights) are required at the back of all cars built from 1971. A vehicle will be given a Minor defect during the MOT inspection if it has three brake lights and only one of them is operational.

Severe MOT Fail Aylesford issues

A “major” problem is more dangerous and could endanger other road users and drivers. It might also be a flaw with negative environmental effects. The owner won’t receive an MOT pass certificate until the problems have been fixed, resulting in an MOT failure.

Example: Using the same car as an example, the vehicle will be given a Major fault on the MOT if two of the three brake lights are not working (more specifically, more than 12).

Hazardous MOT errors

A malfunction deemed “hazardous” creates an urgent risk to the driver’s safety and the safety of other road users.As a result, a vehicle that contains a dangerous flaw shouldn’t be driven until it has been fixed. Additionally, this will cause an immediate MOT fail Aylesford.

Let’s use our car with the brake light issue as an example once more. The vehicle will be given a Dangerous defect on the MOT test if all of the brake lights are broken, missing, or inoperative since other drivers won’t be able to see if the vehicle is braking or coming to a halt.