How to Protect Your Car Engine

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April 3, 2017

The Ultimate Guide on How to Protect Your Car Engine

While the type of an engine and how often it’s driven determines its longevity, the major aspect that determines the lifespan of the engine is regular maintenance. Of course auto parts are not made to last forever. The following are the major and the most important regular steps of car servicing that will help ensure a longer life span of your car engine.

  • Change oil regularly
    car-Mechanic-oil-change-maidstoneThe main reason why you should regularly change oil is due to the fact that oil lubricates engine parts thereby preventing overheating. Engine cannot function well without oil. If you stay for very long period without changing the oil, there is high possibility that there will be permanent damage in the engine. In this case, it’s important to look up what your car mechanic suggests for oil change interval of your car.
    Also, you should consider changing the filter. This is because it catches dirt and debris around the engine. With new oil and new filter, the engine of your vehicle will run smoothly. This will help ensure that internal parts of the engine are cool and well lubricated.
  • Check for leaks
    It’s important to make sure that oil is not leaking. Intense pressure can possibly cause failure of engine hoses. Cracked and old engine hoses have high possibility of leaking fluids. You should check under the hood to ensure that fluids are not leaking out of the engine. How to deal with oil spills.
  • Change spark plugs and wires 
    Wires that run from the distributor normally send electrical current to spark plugs which generate sparks with an aim of igniting fuel in the cylinders. Spark plugs and wires can cause the car engine to run very rough especially if they are too old. When you change plugs, you should as well change wires in order to ensure that you will get the right amount of electrical current to the plugs.
  • Follow up when warning lights are on
    When automotive warning lights are on, you should never neglect since it can be a serious problem. Keep in mind that warning lights can show for various reasons. For instance, the lights can warn about problems with battery alternator or even engine temperature. To protect the engine, you should request a car mechanic to run diagnostic check and fix the issue. Reliable and dedicated mechanics from recommends fixing the problem immediately since it will help prevent the small problem into turning into a huge problem.
  • Maintain a constant speed
    Car engine is built to run. Your driving habits should allow engine to run at fairly consistent rate. Keep in mind that the more starts and stops you will throw into the mix the more your car engine will have to work. However, it can run better and tend to have a longer life span when consistent speed is maintained. A car engine will basically wear out when it’s on speed and have been forced to slow down. Maintaining consistent speed will improve gas mileage and engine will last longer. More Economical Driving Tips.

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