Exhaust system of your car – How to replace it

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April 3, 2017
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June 23, 2017

A damaged exhaust system allows waste gases from engine to escape before passing safely on the rear side of the car. The escaping gas makes huge noise that gets louder as the holes get larger. Many professionals who provide car servicing recommends sealing leaks immediately since exhaust fumes are lethal. As a result they can cause drowsiness which can cause road accident. It is also illegal to use a vehicle that has a defective exhaust system.

If you are not sure how you can effectively install a new car exhaust system, the following is a step by step guide on how to replace the exhaust system. Some of the requirements are hammer, saw, jack stands and spanner.

Step 1: Lift the car

The method of lifting the car is simple and will enable you to get under the car at ease. Before you use a car jack, you should first ensure that the car is on level ground. It should also be in gear with handbrake pulled. It’s important to remember that many cars have jack points located next to wheels.

Step 2: Lie and position yourself under the car

After getting under the car, you should try locating the exhaust system. The system is normally found in between the car’s rear axle and the catalytic converter.

Step 3: Remove the exhaust system

Use a spanner to remove bolts that hold the exhaust system. This can take a little more time and effort and you can opt for lubricant to accelerate the process. After detaching the bolts, you should use a saw to cut away the exhaust pipes.

Step 4: Attach new exhaust pipes

Smooth both ends of the pipes and slightly split them with an aim of enabling them to slip into the right place. Slip silencer on the end of the pipes and move clamps into the right place.

Step 5: Bolt the back box to the vehicle

After successfully attaching the exhaust pipes, use a spanner to tighten the bolts and make sure that all clamps are well tightened on the silencer. After being satisfied with the placing, you should take off the jack stands and take the car on a short drive. If the exhaust will still be making huge amount of noise, you should go back to ensure everything is well held in place.  You can also seek help from a reliable car service.

Replacing the exhaust system

Keep in mind that replacing the exhaust system is a moderately difficult process. Therefore should be undertaken by individuals with experience in mechanical tasks. This is because quite often there is rust which means the whole system will need to be cut. Bolts will also need to be removed which is a very difficult task especially when they have rust.  This is the reason why AN Tyres’ team DON’T recommend doing it by yourself.

When the exhaust system is successfully replaced, the engine of your car will run correctly and you will get the best possible fuel efficiency as well as cut omissions that pollute air.

Experts from Antyres.co.uk provide reliable services in carrying out exhaust system replacement on any make and model of a car. Help from professional car services will help you with all mechanical work and will minimize all risks caused by instability of the car.

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