Engine repair

At AN Tyres we provide engine repair services for most types of vehicles

A lot can happen to your car engine over the years and you may find that you need it to be repaired. When looking for engine repair in Maidstone, you want to find a service that is affordable and will fix the problem straight away. We have the expertise to handle all types of car manufacturers and models. No matter what the condition of your car, we will dedicate ourselves to restoring it in the best way possible.

Some of the most common engine problems:

Timing Belts (Cam belts)

Timing belts, also known as cam belts, are responsible for the order and frequency your engine’s valves open and close. It is imperative for cam belts to be in good shape and operate with correct tension. Timing belts should be replaced at regular intervals (as specified by the manufacturer), usually between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. Please refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle’s recommendation.


Below please find a list of signs that may indicate problems with the clutch:

  • Clutch pedal falling to the floor
  • Clutch pedal “slipping” while driving
  • When attempting to increase speed RPMs are going up, but the vehicle is not moving faster
  • Clutch not springing up
  • A strong burnt smell appears when trying to press the clutch
  • Vibrations or unusual noises when changing gear

Head Gasket

The sole purpose of the head gasket is to keep three liquids in the engine (fuel mixture, water based coolant and oil) separate – and its proper operation is crucial to engine running as it should. Faulty head gasket may cause engine failure.

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms:

  • White smoke from the exhaust pipe
  • Significant loss of coolant with no visible leaks
  • Bubbles in the radiator or coolant overflow tank
  • White milky oil
  • Overheating engine

Engine Replacement

Engine problems can have very many guises and symptoms, the most popular of which are: car underperforming, unusual sounds, very heavy fuel consumption. You don't always need a new replacement engine - we always look into if it is possible to repair it first. This will save you money and time.

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