Cheap Tyres. Expensive Tyres: Which Should You Buy?, Every driver knows that purchasing replacement tyres for your vehicle is one of the most expensive aspects of owning a car.

A significant portion of your monthly budget may go toward new tyres even if you have no plans to purchase diamond-studded tyres like those recently sold in Saudi Arabia.

Many drivers may find that using budget tires is the best way to save money and keep their vehicle safe.

Cheap tyres:

According to road tests, the emergency stopping distance of a vehicle is significantly longer when using Cheap tyres. Nonetheless, this does not imply that all cheap tyres, especially those costing less than $100 each, are unsafe for the road.

For instance, tires from the Ovation brand have been rated highly for wet and dry cornering while remaining relatively inexpensive.

Ask yourself these things as you shop for tyres on a budget:

  • Is the tyre suitable for use in the rain?
  • Has stopping distance increased?
  • What kind of noise do these tyres make?
  • If you compare them to more expensive tyres, how do they fare?

Expensive tyres:

The prices for name-brand tyres sold by dealers and retailers tend to be relatively high. A new set of high-quality tyres from a company like Michelin or Pirelli can cost several hundred dollars. This is especially true considering that the thinner rubber in some of the more expensive tyres shortens its lifespan.

You’ll want to consider whether these tires’ higher handling capacity is worth the additional cost.

The probable causes of these increased expenditures are:

  • corporate expenses
  • advertising that focuses on well-known names
  • requiring car lots to carry a single manufacturer’s products
  • providing high-priced tyres to car dealerships

So, which is the best pick for you?

After doing your homework on Cheap tyres, you’ll need to decide whether the shorter stopping distance and compromised handling in the rain are worth the money you’ll save. Despite the drawbacks, you might opt to save money on tyres instead of going into debt to purchase name-brand tyres.