Car maintenance during different weather seasons

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April 3, 2017
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Maintenance that your car requires during different weather seasons differs slightly. Extreme heat and dust during summer season as well as wet, slippery and icy roads during winter season can be rough on your car. This guide will help keep your car with optimal performance during different weather conditions. By making use of this guide, you will get to know how car repair and  car servicing can help you prepare your vehicle as you plan to hit the road to your favourite summer and winter destinations. Of course you cannot control weather but you can definitely do something to ensure that your car is in peak condition during different seasons.




Car maintenance during Summer Season


a. Check the tyres

Summer tyres are normally designed to deliver exceptional performance during the summer season. Just like other products in the market, tyres should be thoroughly tested in order to ensure optimal performance. The following is what car repair and servicing in Maidstone will check to ensure proper maintenance of your car tyres.

  • Tyre Pressure
    Tyre pressure changes with changes in temperature. Your car tyres should have the recommended level of air pressure. Under inflated tyres increases fuel consumption, wears out faster and poses danger to safety of the occupants. Over Inflated tyres on the other hand reduces lifetime expectancy.
    When checking the pressure of the tyres, you should follow recommendation of the pressure level as written in the user’s manual.

Considering car repair and servicing for tyre pressure service will definitely be a great investment for your car and for your own safety since the mechanics will also help you check tyre rotation, wheel alignment and valve caps.


b. Brakes

Brakes are among the most important safety features of your car during the summer season. Don’t put your family or yourself at risk by driving a car that has faulty brakes.
The following are signs that brakes needs check up

  • Constant and loud grinding sounds from the brakes
  • Warning lights on the dashboard
  • Brake pedal resting too high or too low
  • Brake pedal being resistant and very hard
  • Brake pedal becoming very mushy and very soft

The cost of brake repair can increase dramatically especially when minor problems are not fixed on time.


c. Check Radiator and the coolant

Modern cars have great cooling systems made up of series of hoses, pumps, fans and thermostats to keep cars at optimal running temperature. Any problem with the system such as cracked hoses, broken belts, loose belts or leakage in the radiator can actually cause the car to overheat and finally break down. In this case, you are recommended to check under the hood in order to ensure that the coolant levels of the car are in great working condition.


d. Clean the battery

Summer heat can easily increase chemical reactions inside a battery which can cause a battery to overcharge. This can cause damage to the battery since internal fluid will evaporate thereby shortening the lifespan of the battery. One of the best ways to keep the battery working efficiently is to keep it clean. If you suspect that the battery of your car is not holding charge the right way, car repair and servicing in Maidstone will help you run quick battery inspection.


e. Change air filter

In summer season, air filters gets clogged with debris and dirt. A clogged air filter will greatly lower fuel efficiency. There is no ideal way of knowing the time to replace the filter. The only way you can get to know the ideal time is to take it out and inspect it.




Car maintenance during Winter Season


a. Check the tyres

Icy or wet roads can cause accidents during winter season. In this case, it’s important to make sure that tyres are well equipped to work during the winter season. Deflated tyres can decrease traction thereby increasing probability of sliding on icy patches. Many car repair and servicing companies have reliable tools in place to check tire pressure.


b. Replace the wiper blades

Low visibility can make driving extremely dangerous. With that in mind, you should make sure that the wiper blades of your car are up to the task. Blades are normally made up of rubber and with time, ice and snow can make cracks on the rubber thereby lowering the effectiveness of the wipers. You should consider replacing the wipers especially if they are leaving visible streaks or are taking several passes to clear. When replacing a wiper blade, you are recommended to replace the whole blade rather than the rubber part only.


c. Check the battery

In most cases, car batteries lasts for 5 years which means you can keep track of how old your car battery is. If the battery is not too old, its best to have a look at the battery in order to ensure everything is alright. You can check the level of fluid by removing battery caps and you can also check battery cables for corrosion.


d. Check viscosity of the oil

Oil lubricates metal surfaces of the engine and prevents them from grinding. If oil is very thick, parts of the engine will become extremely hot. In winter season, cold temperatures usually cause oil to thicken but you can easily get rid of such problem by filling the engine with oil of lower viscosity.


e. Right amount of antifreeze

Putting in the recommended amount of antifreeze will protect the engine of your car from freezing during the cold season and will also cut back on corrosion. Failure to pay attention to the recommended amount of antifreeze can cause the coolant to freeze which can cause the engine to get extremely hot.

By making use of the above tips, there is no doubt that you will effectively get your car through winter and summer season. Car repair and servicing in Maidstone can service your vehicle with an aim of helping you avoid being stranded when on your road trips.

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