We are one of the largest tyres retailer & car service garages in Maidstone and its neighbourhood, and we are here to offer you the best vehicle repair service you ever had. At AN Tyres Maidstone, you will find a team of expert technicians always ready to assist you in the best way possible.

Whether you are looking for something as simple as a puncture repair, or as complex as an engine calibration, you will find all that under one roof when you visit us. We also sell high-quality, manufacturer-specified parts, including tyres. AN Tyres is one of the largest tyre retailers in the area. We are licensed to sell tyres from worldwide industry leaders like Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop, etc, and also deal in budget tyres from trusted brands. Every single product in our inventory is available at prices you will not find anywhere else.

What makes us stand aparts is our dedication. Passionate about cars our selves, we know how much your vehicle means to you. That passion reflects in our work. Paired with our expertise and range of cutting-edge tools that we have in our garage. An Tyres Maidstone will offer you an all-inclusive service that will mitigate all kind of issues with your vehicle.

Whether you drive a BMW or a Ford, a Porsche or an opel, we are here to assist you. Whether it is an issue with the wheel alignment, bodywork, exhaust manifold, or brakes, we do it all and that too without burning a hole in your pocket.

Offering you assistance for an MOT test is another service that AN Tyres shines at. We will take the challenge head-on, and do all the necessary repairs to make your car road worthy. Our objective is to keep you and your loved ones safe on the road, and we leave no stones unturned to ensure that.

However, words mean nothing if an action does not back it up. That’s why we request you to bring your vehicle to our service garage when you are looking for repair work. We hooe AN Tyres Maidstone will be able to satisfy you the way we have gratified many other car owners in the area. Let us show you why our patrons swear by us.

We believe in quality, value, and service, and the trust we built over the years is more important to us than any amount of profit. Visit us today: experience a whole new dimension of vehicle servicing at our facility. You will find all the necessary information about our repair packages on the site itself. Kindly visit the rest of the pages to know more. If you have a query or would like to reach us to schedule an appointment, you can contact us with the information given on the “Contact Us” page.